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Managing Access to UK Biobank Data on Terra

Having access to good data is crucial for genomics research. Without large-scale datasets, there’s little chance of uncovering the genetic underpinnings of disease. This is particularly important when studying diseases whose risk is determined by a large number of genes, each of which has a relatively small effect.  But analyzing

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Single Cell Portal Accelerates Genomics Research with Terra

Single Cell Portal (SCP) is an online portal for sharing single-cell genomics data that is built on top of Terra. Through its searchable database of single-cell studies, interactive visualizations, and sharing tools, SCP supports single-cell researchers throughout the research process. SCP recently published a  whitepaper  that lays out how the

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Streamlining Data Access: DUOS Introduces Automatic Access Permission Updates

Introduction Data access for researchers is critical to modern scientific endeavors. But new data access requests are hampered by an often cumbersome and manual process. Now, DUOS (Data Use Oversight System) automatically updates users’ access permissions, simplifying and expediting the process for researchers, ensuring they can swiftly and securely access

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Microscopy in the cloud: CellProfiler and Cell Painting on Terra

Posted by: Carmen Diaz Verdugo Authors: Carmen Diaz Verdugo, Stephen Fleming, Nicole Deflaux and Amy Unruh Carmen Diaz Verdugo is a Computational Scientist in the Precision Cardiology Lab, and a member of Patrick Ellinor’s group. Stephen Fleming is a Senior Machine Learning Scientist in the Methods group of the Data

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How to Run IGV in a Notebook

Erdal Cosgun is the Lead Data Scientist in the Microsoft Genomics Team and working on Interactive Analysis component of Terra on Microsoft Azure. Erdal is the co-author of this blog and published Use IGV in Terra on Azure with a notebook featured workspace to show how to use IGV on Terra notebooks. Interactive

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Introducing Terra on Azure

We have been working closely with our partners at Microsoft to expand Terra to a multi-cloud offering. We are now launching the preview phase of Terra on Azure. Sign up today to become an early adopter of Terra on Azure.

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