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Terra Overview

Terra is the world’s most trusted platform for biomedical data analysis, secure sharing, and global collaboration.


Terra supports thousands of analysts every month. Our user community has trusted us to orchestrate over 2B core hours of compute across a diverse range of scientific areas.

analysis discover

Discover petabytes of data

analysis bring

Bring your private data

analysis combine

Combine multi-modal data

analysis evaluate

Evaluate data privately

analysis leverage

Leverage thousands of pipelines

analysis analyze

Analyze with your favorite data science apps

analysis methods

Create methods with command line tools

analysis learn

Learn from our global community

analysis share

Share your results

Trusted sharing

Biomedical data is rarely static. Terra’s Data Custodian application supports the dynamic process of sharing data for secondary use, without proliferating costly copies of data.

trusted version

Version data for secondary use

trusted link

Link multi-modal data without moving files

trusted sharedata

Share data without copying it

trusted build cohorts

Build cohorts using clinical and genomic variables

trusted enforced

Enforce data protections and audit data use

trusted power

Power feasibility assessments with performant genomic search

Global collaboration

The future of science is bigger than any one lab. Terra is a collaborative network to power the needs of tomorrow’s science.

global federate

Federate multi-party data access without data owners losing control

global learn

Learn together via collaborative analysis and insight generation

global accelerate

Accelerate delivery of value to sponsors and partners

global scale

Scale data consortiums via a common operational model

global assign

Assign roles and data access centrally

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Trusted sharing