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Discover How AnVIL Empowers Compliance with NIH DMS Policy – Join Our Webinar!


In the rapidly evolving landscape of scientific research, data sharing has emerged as a key driver of innovation and collaboration. Recognizing this, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) unveiled the Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy on January 25, 2023. This policy mandates the sharing of all scientific data funded or generated by NIH, with the goal of enhancing the findability, accessibility, reusability, and impact of research. To help researchers navigate the DMS Policy’s requirements effectively, we are thrilled to introduce AnVIL, a NIH-supported Scientific Data Repository. Join us for an exciting webinar on “How the AnVIL Helps Meet DMS Policy Requirements” to learn more about this revolutionary platform.

Webinar Details:

Date: November 8th

Time: 1:00 PM ET

Topic: How the AnVIL Helps Meet DMS Policy Requirements

Registration Link

Webinar Agenda:

  1. Brief Background on the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy
  2. Intro to AnVIL and its key components to meet DMS requirements (Terra and DUOS)
  3. Interactive Q&A & discussion session with hosts and representatives from other institutions



With the explosion of data generation from various sources, including genomics and single-cell profiling, the need for comprehensive data sharing policies became evident. NIH has been at the forefront of supporting robust data sharing practices, and the new DMS Policy further strengthens its commitment to responsible data management. By adhering to the DMS Policy, researchers contribute to the acceleration of biomedical research, validation of results, and accessibility to high-value datasets.

Introducing AnVIL:

AnVIL is an NIH-supported Scientific Data Repository that facilitates the management, sharing, and accessibility of scientific data. Already renowned as a gold-standard repository for large genomics datasets, AnVIL has expanded its offerings to cater to the broader requirements of the DMS Policy. This platform is open to all Institutions, Initiatives, Consortia, and Researchers seeking to meet DMS Policy requirements efficiently.

Key Components of AnVIL for DMS:

Cloud-Native Data and Metadata Storage

Terra provides intuitive self-service tools for secure, cloud-native data storage and management. Researchers can organize and document their data, ensuring it adheres to the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) with ease.

Data Sharing & Controlled-Access Management

DUOS is a data sharing platform that allows researchers to register datasets with UIDs/PIDs in a public catalog and leverage controlled-access management software to support Data Access Committees (DACs) when needed. Researchers can customize data access controls based on specific Data Use Limitations (DULs), ensuring secure and responsible data sharing.

Why Attend the Webinar?

This webinar presents a unique opportunity to explore AnVIL’s capabilities and understand how it can streamline your data management and sharing journey. Whether you’re a researcher, part of an institution, or representing an initiative or consortia, the webinar will equip you with valuable insights and resources. Engage in real-time discussions with our team and peers from other institutions facing similar challenges.

Don’t Miss Out! Register Now:

Join us on November 8th at 1:00 PM ET to unlock the potential of AnVIL and optimize your data management and sharing practices. Register here and secure your spot for this exciting event.


The NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy ushers in a new era of transparent and collaborative research. With AnVIL, researchers gain a powerful ally in meeting the DMS Policy requirements, making data sharing easier, more secure, and more impactful. Join us at the webinar and be part of the data-driven future that promises to revolutionize biomedical research. See you there!

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