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Streamlining Data Access: DUOS Introduces Automatic Access Permission Updates


Data access for researchers is critical to modern scientific endeavors. But new data access requests are hampered by an often cumbersome and manual process. Now, DUOS (Data Use Oversight System) automatically updates users’ access permissions, simplifying and expediting the process for researchers, ensuring they can swiftly and securely access the data they need. In this blog post, we explore the benefits and implications of the new automatic access permission update feature in DUOS, and link to resources to leverage DUOS to streamline data access.

The Current Data Access Landscape

Data access committees (DACs) and Data Custodians play a crucial role in managing the flow of valuable research data, ensuring the data is used ethically and responsibly. Traditionally, researchers had to manually request updates to their access permissions from the DAC when they were granted secondary access to new datasets. DACs, the centerpiece of the approval process, were overwhelmed by exponentially increasing amounts of data and data requests. The cumbersome process often led to delays and hindered the timely advancement of research initiatives.

DUOS’ Automatic Access Permission Updates

DUOS has emerged as a leading software platform for facilitating data access and management. Now, DUOS automatically updates researchers’ access permissions when they are approved for secondary access to requested research data. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, allowing researchers to seamlessly access the approved data without any delays. By streamlining the data access process, DUOS empowers researchers to focus on their work rather than navigating administrative barriers.

How Automatic Access Updates Benefit Researchers

  • Expedited research process, as scientists can access new data promptly upon approval. 
  • Automation reduces the administrative burden on researchers, freeing up more time for analysis and experimentation
  • Increased efficiency ensures that researchers can focus on their science

Strengthening Data Security and Privacy

DACs and Data Custodians know manual access permission updates carry an inherent risk of human error or data breaches. DUOS’ automated permission updates ensure that access permissions are updated accurately, promptly, and in compliance with privacy regulations, reducing the chances of data mishandling, and safeguarding sensitive information.


DUOS’ automatic access permission update marks a significant milestone in the realm of data access and management. By simplifying the process and enhancing security, researchers can focus on their core scientific pursuits and data custodians can ensure efficient, broad and secure access to their datasets. As DUOS continues to innovate and streamline data access, it promises to revolutionize the landscape of research, empowering scientists worldwide in their quest for knowledge and breakthrough discoveries.

DACs and Data Custodians can learn more about how to leverage this new feature here.

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