Data Management


New Terra features give you greater control over data storage and computing resources by exposing the regional architecture of the Google Cloud Platform in key parts of Terra.


The Broad Institute has been awarded the high profile "FedRAMP Moderate" security authorization for the operation of the Terra platform. David Bernick gives us insight into the FedRAMP program and explains what this means for researchers using Terra to access, analyze and share sensitive data. 


DRS stands for Data Repository Service API, one of the interoperability standards developed under the aegis of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH). In this blog, we explain the big picture of what DRS is for and how it liberates you from having to worry about certain data management problems. 

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Many workflows generate intermediate files that you won’t ever use again once the pipeline has run to completion. You can reduce your data footprint — and your storage costs! — by getting Terra to delete them for you.

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