Data Management

Data Security

There's a common misconception that the cloud is not secure enough for working with sensitive data like human genome sequence and medical records. I say misconception because, uh, yeah it is secure enough — or rather, it can be if it's done right [...]


In my last blog post, I gave an overview of how Terra's data tables can help you streamline and scale up your data processing operations through the use of a data model that describes your dataset in a structured way.   In this follow-up, I want to touch on some of the thornier questions that [...]

Unlocking terra data tables

"This is not a question. I just wanted to say that I've avoided learning how to use Terra Data tables for a long time, primarily because I've used workflows that require sample sheet files, but I finally got to try it out and I must say it was quite powerful." -- A computational scientist, in [...]

Persistent Disk

This week, we released one of those changes that looks small on the face of it but is actually a really big deal. Specifically, we upgraded the cloud environment (previously called "runtime") that we provide in Terra for running Jupyter Notebooks to support persistent disk storage. Until now, one of the limitations of our [...]

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