The Broad Institute announced a new partnership with the CDC and Theiagen Genomics that will help public health labs adopt Terra for pathogen genomics and biosurveillance.

N2 Instances

Terra's workflow management system now allows you to use a newer model of Intel CPUs than what the system normally uses by default to execute workflow tasks. You'll be able to request "N2 instances" instead of "N1 instances", which use 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, codenamed "Cascade Lake".


This blog covers some key concepts and practical solutions for tackling the question of compute costs incurred by running workflows, which are typically the hardest to predict among the various types of cloud costs. 

Terra in AnVIL ecosystem

We've mentioned the AnVIL project a number of times in recent blog posts — covering topics such as Dockstore, RStudio, Galaxy, and DRS URIs — so it feels like it's high time that we gave you some more context. Specifically, we thought it might be useful to reiterate the key goals of the AnVIL project and explain briefly how Terra fits in with the other AnVIL components.

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