project per workspace

Starting the week of September 20th, each new Terra workspace will be associated with a dedicated Google project, which will allow us to improve the granularity of cost reporting in Terra.

N2 Instances

Terra's workflow management system now allows you to use a newer model of Intel CPUs than what the system normally uses by default to execute workflow tasks. You'll be able to request "N2 instances" instead of "N1 instances", which use 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, codenamed "Cascade Lake".


Terra has offered the ability to use GPUs in workflows for quite some time, yet many of you have told us that you also need to be able to run GPU-enabled computations interactively, so we're really excited to roll out GPU support for Jupyter Notebooks. 


We've added the ability to launch R Shiny apps from Terra's built-in RStudio environment, opening up some really exciting possibilities for taking interactive data visualization in Terra to the next level.

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