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Free online training sessions covering genomics education resources, practical implementation of GWAS methodologies, and bioinformatics workflow development.


A practical methodology for elucidating the structure and function of a workflow written in the Workflow Description Language, aka WDL.


Learn how Terra is supporting a novel approach to managing study participants' data access and control in industry-sponsored clinical studies.


Computational biologist and longtime GATK team member Laura Gauthier provides an inside perspective on the methodologies underpinning recent discoveries in common disease research.

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In April, we celebrate Citizen Science Month, World Autism Day, and National DNA Day. In this guest blog post, all three events come together as KT Pickard, father of a young woman with autism, shares his family's story of personal genomics and citizen science. 


We are taking the next step in our journey by joining our efforts with Microsoft, a partner that truly needs no introduction. This multi-year partnership will bring together advanced technologies, industry expertise, and scale to accelerate the next generation of the Terra platform for health and life sciences research. [...]


Last week we were very excited for our colleagues in the gnomAD team, who announced on their blog that the entire gnomAD dataset is now available for direct use or download from Google Cloud as well as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. If you're not familiar with gnomAD, the name stands for Genome Aggregation [...]


Guest blog post by Kylee Degatano, Product Manager for the Lantern Pipelines team in the Data Sciences Platform at the Broad Institute. I'm very excited to announce the recent release of WDL Analysis Research Pipelines (WARP), a brand new, public GitHub repository of cloud-optimized WDL workflows that are used in production at the [...]

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