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Single Cell Portal Accelerates Genomics Research with Terra


Single Cell Portal (SCP) is an online portal for sharing single-cell genomics data that is built on top of Terra. Through its searchable database of single-cell studies, interactive visualizations, and sharing tools, SCP supports single-cell researchers throughout the research process. SCP recently published a  whitepaper  that lays out how the Portal provides this support – […]

GPU Virtual Machine availability on Terra on Microsoft Azure

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Erdal Cosgun-co author of this blog-  is the Lead Data Scientist in the Microsoft Genomics Team and working on the Interactive Analysis component of Terra on Microsoft Azure.   Terra on Microsoft Azure cloud computing continues to evolve to meet the demand for high-performance virtual machines (VMs) capable of handling intensive workloads. We’re thrilled to […]

Terra in a nutshell: 2-minute video for newcomers


This week we highlight a new video we created to help newcomers understand what is Terra. The video summarizes why it makes sense to move biomedical data to the cloud, and outlines how Terra helps you access data, analyze it, and collaborate securely there.

Citizen science: One family’s search for answers in their genes

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In April, we celebrate Citizen Science Month, World Autism Day, and National DNA Day. In this guest blog post, all three events come together as KT Pickard, father of a young woman with autism, shares his family’s story of personal genomics and citizen science. 

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