We teamed up with the BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network consortium to put together a hands-on workshop focused on helping researchers get started with key resources including the Neuroscience Multi-Omic Archive, Single Cell Portal, and Terra.


Every year we run a workshop at the annual meeting of the American Society for Human Genetics, and it's a highlight of our year for many reasons. My favorite aspect of it is that we use the ASHG workshop to drive development of brand new educational materials and resources, and sometimes [...]


In our last blog post, we featured a public workspace containing best-practices workflows for viral genome analysis developed by Dr. Danny Park's Viral Genomics group, and used to process COVID-19 research data. We have been working with the viral genomics team to make additional improvements to the workspace, and I’m excited to tell [...]


Like you, we are adapting to a different way of living and working as the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, claiming many lives, sickening many more, and upending daily life around the world. We are heartened to see that the scientific community is mobilizing (in labs and remotely) to find and exploit any [...]

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