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July-August online training events for educators, researchers and bioinformaticians

Whether you’ve barricaded yourself indoors to avoid the sweltering heat or the latest covid variant, there are plenty of opportunities to level up your skills without changing out of your pyjamas. 

Coming up in the next few weeks are multiple online training sessions that are free and open to everyone, which we encourage you to attend if you have any interest in genomics education, practical implementation of GWAS methodologies, and/or bioinformatics workflow development. 

The following will all be conducted over Zoom; registration is required (and free). 


July 28, 1pm EDT:

AnVIL in the Classroom: Cloud-scale educational resources for modern genomics

Webinar hosted by the American Society for Human Genetics (ASHG) | Online Learning
Presented by Dr. Geraldine Van der Auwera, Broad Institute Data Sciences Platform

This webinar aims to support educators by demonstrating how to find and use cloud-based tools and open datasets to build hands-on exercises that would fit into an introductory genomics curriculum.

More information and registration on the ASHG event website.


August 10, 1pm EDT:

Performing a GWAS on BioData Catalyst Powered by Terra 

Webinar hosted by NHLBI BioData Catalyst | Community Hours
Presented by Dr. Alisa Manning, Massachusetts General Hospital | Manning Lab

Dr. Alisa Manning will demo performing parts of a genome-wide association study (GWAS) using TOPMed data in BioData Catalyst Powered by Terra. The demo will focus on how to run the computations and interrogate the results of a GWAS, building off of an analysis plan she described in a previous webinar (see materials and video). 

More information and registration in the event announcement.


August 8-12, 11am EDT (same 1-hour session offered daily all week):

WDL 101 Training

Interactive session hosted by Terra | Office Hours
Presented by members of the Terra and NHGRI AnVIL Teams, Broad Institute & John Hopkins University

This hands-on introduction to writing bioinformatics workflows in the Workflow Description Language (WDL) aims to support newcomers seeking to learn how to develop workflows in WDL and execute them on the cloud using Terra. 

More information and registration in the event announcement.


We hope you will join us for one or more of these online training events!



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