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Category: Cancer

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Spotlight on PANOPLY, a scalable framework for cancer proteogenomics

PANOPLY is a computational framework for applying statistical and machine learning algorithms to transform multi-omic data from cancer samples into biologically meaningful and interpretable results. In this post, D. R. Mani explains how his team is leveraging Terra to make PANOPLY accessible to a wide range of researchers.

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Announcing the NCI Cancer Data Aggregator (CDA) – A new collaboration led by Broad Institute in partnership with NCI, SBG, and ISB

In the last decade, we’ve seen exponential growth in the amount and breadth of cancer research data. We’ve harnessed the power of cloud repositories to host large oncology datasets, including genomics, proteomics, imaging, and more! Although this diversity in datasets is a strength, combining these data to leverage the full range of information […]

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