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Upcoming event: Panel on Genomic Data Sharing Policies

Update: You can now watch the recording of this event here.

On Thursday, Nov 19, 2020, our colleague Jonathan Lawson will participate in a panel on Genomic Data Sharing Policies hosted by the US National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Jonathan will contribute the deep experience he has gained through years of working on data access policies and systems within the context of Terra. In particular, he will touch on the concept and operation of the Data Use Oversight System (DUOS) that our organization developed for automating the application and evaluation processes involved in allowing researchers to access datasets protected by data use restrictions.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you can tune in to the panel livestream at 2 PM EST, or catch the recording at your convenience if you can’t make that time. I also recommend reading Jonathan’s blog post from last year, which did a great job of introducing the key issues involved as well as outlining the technical solutions in a very accessible way.

While you’re checking out the panel, you may also be interested in the NHGRI’s video collection, which includes a variety of online events, lectures, and policy meetings that were recorded.   

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