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What do the Teen Titans and a German docu-series called Terra X have in common? That’s right, they’re the top hits you get on Google when you search for “Terra intro videos YouTube”.

So, you might have already searched for Terra videos and come up empty; or you might have used smarter keywords and found some of our long-form workshop recordings, which are nice but not what most of you are typically looking for.

I have good news: there is in fact a Terra channel on YouTube dedicated to educational videos about using Terra. At the moment the channel hosts a playlist of short-form intro-level videos on various features and use cases (from 3 to 16 minutes long depending on the topic) and a webinar (~1 hour) that gives a complete overview of the main capabilities of the platform.


Our User Education team will continue to make more instructional videos, so be sure to subscribe to the channel to receive notifications when we post new videos. If we don’t yet have a video on a topic you’re interested in or you’d like to see more detailed content, don’t hesitate to request more topics or suggest improvements, either here in the comments or in the Feature Requests section of the forum.

Why does this channel not show up when you search for Terra on YouTube? Mainly because “Terra” is a word that’s used by a lot of other people for all sorts of things, and our channel is still fairly new. It takes time to build up the “reputation” needed for the search engine to recognize our videos as being interesting and relevant — time, and clicks. Lots of clicks. So please spread the word about these videos to your coworkers; it will help them learn useful information and it will help everyone else by increasing the chance that people who are looking for Terra videos can actually find them.

Finally, a couple of tips for finding the videos again later without having to bookmark this blog post: either use “Terra.bio” as a more specific keyword when searching YouTube or navigate to the Support menu in the left-side menu bar in the Terra app itself. There, clicking on Support will expand a list of options including “Tutorials and Videos”.


I hope this helps; let us know what else you would like to see in this vein.

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