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Senior product manager Alessandro Culotti shares his team's plans for making it possible to run a wider variety of analysis applications in Terra.


Learn how to use cloud-based data and tools to teach genomic concepts, in a webinar that will introduce key resources and demonstrate how to use them through concrete examples.

multi-regional storage buckets

Adam Mullen, Software Product Manager in the Data Sciences Platform, explains a change to the default storage bucket setting for new Terra workspaces that will address the upcoming Google Cloud pricing changes to a number of services, including multi-regional storage buckets.


Computational biologist and GATK team member Megan Shand describes the new GATK pipeline for processing short-read WGS data produced by the Ultima Genomics technology.

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One of the foundational principles of Terra is that it's designed to be an open ecosystem, not a walled garden — there are no lock-in mechanisms. If after a while you decide to leave, you can take all the analysis tooling you've been using here and expect it to still be [...]

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