Whether you need help getting started or you run into technical difficulties well into an analysis, our dedicated support team is standing by to help you get oriented, resolve issues and get back on track.

Help Hero

A professional support team you can trust

Our support team is staffed by seasoned bioinformatics specialists who are dedicated to supporting the Terra user community. The team operates according to best practices in the support industry, with well-defined processes and clearly stated service level expectations, so you know you can rely on them for a prompt, helpful answer every time. In addition, staff members are all trained in proper procedures for handling sensitive information including PHI, with an initial certification process and yearly refresher training.

A range of support channels to suit your needs


Private helpdesk

Terra’s primary support channel is the helpdesk, accessible through an in-app form and by email at All interactions with the helpdesk happen privately over email and are tracked by a ticketing system.
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Public discussions

The community forum offers spaces for peer-to-peer discussion, such as General Discussion and Known Issues, where researchers can trade tips and report issues of general interest.
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Service notifications

In-app notifications alert you of upcoming maintenance windows and active incidents. Maintenance plans and incident response updates are also posted to the Support Center under Service Notifications.
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A welcoming, inclusive environment

We intend Terra and its community to be an inclusive environment where all are welcome to learn, work and contribute knowledge and perspective in a judgment-free, safe way. To that end, we actively promote and enforce the Terra Community Guidelines, a code of conduct based on the Contributor Covenant that applies to all interactions with the support team and with other members of the user community, both online and at in-person events such as workshops and conferences. View the complete Community Guidelines

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