Frequently Asked Questions

Institutions, Initiatives, and Consortia

How does the AnVIL help institutions meet the Data Management and Sharing policy?

Institutions can make sure their investigators are fulfilling DMS requirements and gain a more active portrait of the landscape of data deposited and shared by their investigators by directing their researchers to store data in the AnVIL. Additionally, institutions can trust the security and longevity of an NIH-funded cloud repository already hosting over 5 petabytes of NIH-funded research data.

How do institutions use the AnVIL to meet the Data Management and Sharing policy?

When your institution is ready to use the AnVIL platform, our team will share documentation and tutorials for you and your researchers to easily get started on AnVIL to upload data and register it in a catalog with the necessary information to meet the DMS requirements. When needed, we can also supply a data access committee for controlled-access data, or help you set up your own. With the AnVIL, compared to other repositories you are able to maintain control over your data storage allowing your institutions’ researchers to access it as long as you prefer to store it.

What are the costs associated with using the AnVIL for DMS?

For institutional pricing, please reach out to our team. We are able to work with you according to your funding mechanisms and preferences to craft an ideal solution for your institution’s needs.

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