In our work with biomedical data, we are fortunate to count many of the experts quoted in the article as friends and colleagues. We agree genomic data sharing is not yet living up to its promise, yet are optimistic about the emergence of new approaches and platforms.

Product Updates

A list of Terra highlights from this past year, focusing specifically on new options and capabilities for interactive analysis and workflow execution that you would interact within the user interface.


We teamed up with the BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network consortium to put together a hands-on workshop focused on helping researchers get started with key resources including the Neuroscience Multi-Omic Archive, Single Cell Portal, and Terra.

Terra notebooks

If you have been using the Terra Notebook Utilities (TNU) to access data through DRS/DOS URIs, you need to update your version of TNU before December 1, 2020, as described further in this article. Read on to learn more.

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