We aim to enable the next generation of
collaborative biomedical research by
building an open platform that connects
researchers to each other and to the
datasets and tools they need to achieve
scientific breakthroughs.

MissionVision Hero

The health and life sciences data revolution has arrived

Cheap and accurate genome sequencing is a reality, high-resolution imaging is becoming routine, and clinical data is increasingly stored in machine-readable formats. These breakthroughs have brought us to the threshold of a new era in biomedicine, one where the data sciences hold the potential to propel our understanding and treatment of human disease.

The value of health data is maximized when it
is liberated from existing silos

We are building secure, scalable infrastructure to connect data repositories on the cloud and empower researchers to perform integrative analyses reproducibly across datasets at massive scale.

Our development principles

Terra Module


Composed of functional components with
well-specified interfaces

Terra Community


Created by many groups to foster a diversity of perspectives
Terra Open


Open-source licenses, software and architecture to enabletransparency, extensibility and reuse
Terra Standards


Consistent with standards developed by coalitions such as GA4GH

Our vision

An open data ecosystem that is accessible and equitable to the worldwide research community, with Terra as a hub that brings together data generators, tool developers and biomedical scientists to eliminate obstacles and accelerate scientific discovery.