Terra for Enterprises

Microsoft and Verily are bringing the best of Terra to the enterprise by helping large-scale commercial biomedical teams effectively execute and organize their research in the cloud. We’re helping researchers focus on what matters — accelerating scientific discovery.

Our top priority is protecting your organization’s data, streamlining enterprise research use cases, and providing the highest levels of support to both your internal IT and research teams.

Enterprise-grade security and deployment models

Work with the confidence that your data and methods are secure

Choose deployment models that fit your organization’s needs:

  • Centrally-managed instances
  • Single customer cloud instances
  • Customer-hosted cloud instances

One platform, many benefits

cloud-powered workspaces

Collaborative, discoverable,
reusable research

Analyze public controlled-
access biomedical datasets
with internally hosted datasets

Explore data through
built-in notebook and data
visualization tools