Communication Guidelines

Are you planning to mention Terra in
public-facing communications?

This page provides guidelines for all written
or oral communications that mention
Terra, such as press releases, blog posts,
speaking opportunities, events, hackathons,
and competitions.

Guidelines Hero

These guidelines:

  • Are designed to preserve and grow the value of the Terra brand;

  • Apply to all public marketing, communications and publications;

  • Apply to all members of the media, Terra customers & users, and partners;

  • Include requirements for how the Terra brand may and may
    not be used, as well as suggestions for how to use it well and consistently.



When Terra is first introduced in public-facing communications, it should follow this general format:

“Terra is co-developed by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Microsoft and Verily.”

When including the mission statement, it cannot be combined with other sentences but may be used in shorter phrases.

For example, the mission:


“Terra aims to enable the next generation of collaborative biomedical research by building an open platform that connects researchers to each other and to the datasets and tools they need to achieve scientific breakthroughs.”

May be shortened to:


“Terra aims to enable the next generation of collaborative biomedical research.”


Use of the Terra brand that goes beyond the steps above requires approval from the development partners communications teams. Please contact with your request. Please allow 5 business days for review and approval. 


Social Media

To cite Terra on Twitter, please tag @terrabioapp

To cite Terra on LinkedIn, please tag @Terra  


For more information and engagement from the Terra partners, please connect via email


Academic Publications

For mentions in academic publications (such as in a methods section in a paper published in a journal or as a pre-print), please use suggested language to describe the platform:

Terra is a scalable and secure platform for biomedical researchers to access data, run analysis tools and collaborate. 

It is co-developed by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Microsoft and Verily.

For formal citations of Terra resources, please see this documentation article.

If you would like to include more information about your use of Terra in your manuscript, please reach out via email

We encourage you to let us know when your manuscript mentioning Terra is published via the above email so we can reference it on social media to increase its visibility. 


Logo and Graphics

Logos may be downloaded from the links below for use with approval from the Terra Development Partners. These logos may not be altered, combined with other marks, or used in a misleading manner.


Terra High Resolution (color)

Terra High Resolution (white)

Terra Partnership High Resolution (color)

Partner Organizations

For use of partner logos, please refer to their respective communication guidelines pages below: