Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable uses of Terra platform include:
Conducting research.
Sharing research assets to collaborate, support computational reproducibility.
Developing scientific software tools.

Making data and scientific software tools available to the scientific community.

Teaching and educational activities.

The following are NOT acceptable uses of Terra platform:

Use of Terra to commit a criminal offense, or to encourage others to  conduct acts that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil  liability.

Process U.S. classified national security information on Terra.

Browse, search or reveal any protected data by Broad except in accordance with that which is required to perform your legitimate tasks or assigned duties.

Retrieve protected data or information, or in any other way disclose information, for someone who does not have authority to access that information.

Establish any unauthorized interfaces between systems, networks, and applications owned by Broad.

Upload any content that contains a software virus, such as a Trojan horse or any other computer codes, files, or programs that may alter, damage, or interrupt the functioning of Terra and its users.

Post any material that infringes or violates the academic/intellectual rights of others.

View or use The Cancer Genome Atlas (“TCGA”) controlled access data hosted on Terra unless you are authorized through dbGaP.

Share or distribute TCGA controlled access data hosted on Terra with other users unless they have dbGaP authorization.

Use Terra to generate, distribute, publish, or facilitate unsolicited mass email, promotions, advertisements or other solicitations or mine for cryptocurrency.